Forest Foxes

Private Bilingual Nursery School


Forest Foxes Academy is a bilingual nursery in Wroclaw run in the spirit of forest education, located in the vicinity of green areas not far from Las Stabłowicki.
Our children spend most of their time outside, learning about the world through first-hand experience. We follow the idea of nonviolent communication and pay special attention to emotional and social development of the children. We are a bilingual pre-school, which means we teach English through immersion and its everyday use in natural situations.

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What differentiate us?


Having adopted the Scandinavian model of forest nurseries, we’ve also adapted our curriculum following the guidelines of the Ministry of National Education to enhance the opportunities for children to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Children learn through constant interaction with the natural environment, unaware of the process of knowledge acquisition.


The school is bilingual and learning English takes place though immersion, which is by completely surrounding the child with the language. The children are exposed to the foreign language as it is used in its most natural way, in everyday life situations, hence, English is acquired as a second native language and learning new words is as natural as learning your own mother tongue. At our school all staff can speak Polish and English.


We focus on the development of our children’s emotional and social skills as we believe that constant interaction with nature fosters gentleness and empathy. Our nursery represents boutique style; we teach mixed-age groups and the children-teacher ratio does not exceed eight children in care of one carer. Such arrangement enhances social development in older children, who learn to help the young ones, while juniors acquire skills observing their seniors. Respect for the child and his or her choice is of crucial importance to us. We pay special attention to forming partnership between teachers, children and parents. We do not apply punishment and rewards.